I'm a software developer with a huge, insatiable appetite for programming and learning. I love Git, Javascript, PHP, Python and doing some dev-ops.

Better breadcrumbs for your Drupal 7 site

Often times when creating custom modules for Drupal, we get confronted with the problem of setting friendly but useful breadcrumbs. The contribution a clearly set breadcrumb can make on a page can never be understated, it guides the user on where they’re coming from and currently are.

Startup Bus Africa 2013

Yes, I got accepted to attend the inaugural Start up Bus Africa, a 5 day hackathon on wheels from Harare to Cape Town! This event is bringing different kinds of amazing people from all over the world to form groups and work on some amazing ideas during the trip that we will eventually pitch to Richard Branson! 

Sink or swim

Lesson learnt: FIGHT YOUR FEARS! So yesterday I got home after a weekend at my sister’s only to realize I didn’t have the keys to the apartment. I HAD to get inside the flat though, I had a meeting scheduled for 12 noon. The only way was to get into the flat through a small little window, at the top there (see attached pic) Seemed like the most daring operation, lol growing up I hadn’t climbed houses like my peers would possibly confess they so often did.

Removing all-day label from Drupal calendar module

If you’re new to Drupal, let me tell you something, the Date module is a must-install! It comes with some awesome functionality and a date API that enables you to add date fields to different content types, even entities in Drupal 7!

How to theme Views output Drupal 6/7

I was recently asked by a friend how the output from Views can be themed easily. I’m going to show you an easy way for pure Drupal n00bs to control the look and feel of their website. This tutorial does not require much coding skill, just some CSS knowledge and the ability to use Views is enough.