Zimbabwe technology 2012, an outlook

It’s a new year(!) and we all know what to expect, bigger things! 2011 was nothing but brilliant and I am 100% sure 2012 will be just as fruitful! I feel it’s an interesting phase we are getting into as Zimbabwe, there are signs of life in the tech sector! 2011 was incredible for all of us, developers and designers alike, a lot of business people are becoming curious about technology and how to use it to achieve their goals. It’s one of the biggest grievances I’ve had as a developer.

There are times when you feel like you’re short changing a client, not because it’s anyone’s wish but because the client doesn’t yet know just how technology can work for them. This is a very normal thing, after all that is why consultants exist but it gets frustrating when the clients are not very open-minded to proposed solutions.

Change has never been easy to swallow for most people, the only thing that can shake up things is tangible results and in 2011, a lot of results came forth to arouse enough curiosity for business people to LISTEN. This was long overdue, and now it’s our duty as software developers to create real value and make sure we take this forward. The ball is in our court and it is up to everyone to ride this wave coming ashore.

Real solutions to real problems are usually achieved conceptually first then in practical terms. Our industry hangs on a cliff right now, we are at such a critical point where many of the techies are graduates from such few colleges that don’t fuse both nicely. There is a definite lack of expert advice or guidance. We are down to just our guns. This is the year where ambition alone will set the achievers apart from the dreamers. For those willing to learn, there are great initiatives launched for 2012 like Code YearProgramrTeamtreehouse and the plethora of resources available online.

We can choose to cry over our current state or do something about it. At Click-It! We specialize in drupal CMS solutions and if you need any help regarding that, send us an email and we’ll do our best to impart what we know. We hope our enthusiasm for the year will rub off on everyone and we’ll see more awesome solutions that make people love technology!

Have a Great Year!