A letter to everyone from my 7 year old niece

This little letter was written by my niece, Ruva when she was over for the holiday last year. She’s 7 years old and learns at Phoenix Primary School in Malawi. After bugging me to write something to her parents, I decided to let her write a letter I promised to post on my blog.

Copied below is what she had to say:

My name is Ruva Dawn Mukwenha.

Hi mum and dad. I’ve spent a long time in Zimbabwe. I came in June. I also want to tell the world to recycle waste material. My life in Zimbabwe is fun. On 14 July we went to watch rugby. On 15 July we went to green woodpark. My parents went back to Malawi, only spent five days in Zim.

So I stay with my grandmother and also my aunt. We go shopping we watch many stuff together like Idols and you know, girly stuff.

If you agree with the message about recycling, text on this exact same blog and tell other people that you know this very same message.

I love you all.