Back to old adventures

Exactly a year ago, at this time, I was offered a job to become a full time web developer at Quatrohaus. Back at the time, I was still finding my feet in web development, a process that is still ongoing, and I felt truly honored that such an opportunity had come my way. There is always the dilemma that is faced by many web developers in our growing industry whether to pursue freelancing or take up a regular job. In my case, it was easy, as the opportunity would offer me great exposure to work on some really exciting projects. During my tenure at Quatrohaus we worked on numerous, fulfilling projects. Some of the highlights included resuscitating Zimcarsales website which now has impressive traffic, launching the Econet website on Drupal, developing a destination portal, and many, many others. You can check the portfolio at It was all enjoyable and the challenges we faced and overcame helped improve my coding skills to a level I’m proud of today.

My decision to quit was based around Click-It!, this brand I love dearly. I reminisce over days I started out with nothing but a Sony Vaio laptop, that had a faulty battery and would sometimes switch off during a pitch! I remember how tough but enjoyable it was getting a client to finally sign a contract, trusting we would do the very best for their brand. And then showing them the product of many sleepless nights and much grunting. How we would revel in the cheer and happiness that would erupt, which was always a surprise and huge relief. Fond memories. At moments like these, as an entrepreneur, you feel great and these are the types of moments I want to create and live again. I want to carry where we as Click-It! left off, to create products that do not only have great functionality, but also make people feel beautiful. Lofty goals. Yes, go big.

I am very grateful for the chance of working with such a lovely bunch of guys at Quatrohaus. I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Click-It! Is back from September onwards. I look forward to unveiling some of the more interesting stuff we are already working on and some awesome people that are joining the team!