Sink or swim

Lesson learnt: FIGHT YOUR FEARS! So yesterday I got home after a weekend at my sister’s only to realize I didn’t have the keys to the apartment. I HAD to get inside the flat though, I had a meeting scheduled for 12 noon. The only way was to get into the flat through a small little window, at the top there (see attached pic) Seemed like the most daring operation, lol growing up I hadn’t climbed houses like my peers would possibly confess they so often did. Anyways, using the water pipes for support, I managed to pull a Spiderman stunt until I got to the window level on the first floor…that’s when fear struck. I had to hang on to the window pane for support with my feet dangling then heave my whole body through the small little hole  As I hung on to the ledge, or to my life, I thought i had messed up real bad and that’s when I discovered the jewel. Do NOT talk yourself down. A lot of people would have cried for help and such here (i almost did), not bad strategy save for the embarrassment of neighbours wondering why you would want to get in through the window of your own house.

Here’s what I did: I calmed myself down and repeatedly told my scared inner self things were okay. This could be done. With one hand holding on to the window pane, I grabbed my wallet and phone & chucked em both into the house through the window! Everyone knows how much I love my iphone Now I left myself with no option but to get in otherwise I’d starve outside and no internet surfing for me!

Suffice to say, I then spent the day in my room, with a huge smile. Yesterday I succeeded at something. yay!

When you want to do something, don’t give yourself the room to make excuses, etc, be willing to get outside of your comfort zone and give it all you got!