Connecting Dots

In his famous Stanford commencement address, Steve Jobs said something about connecting the dots and how you can only do that after the fact. The first time I heard that, it didn’t shake my thinking; actually I dismissed it offhandedly without putting much thought into it. Not that I didn’t think it wasn’t true nor profound but like most things in life, hands-on experience is often more hard hitting than simple, verbal advice. Between starting many ventures since my pre-teen years, closing down and starting another one, I had never bothered to THINK where life could be taking me. I knew for sure I want to leave a great legacy behind but how I am going to do that remained fuzzy and I would let each day build to the next. I grew up religious at setting goals but even with mid and long-term goals set, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found themself unsure of where “north” is at times. I would have an inkling of what i’m building at the back of my mind but in the midst of busyness you can’t draft the path with certainty. I guess that’s how life “just works”.

With regards to entrepreneurial pursuits, as founders and dreamers we are constantly in this spiral and it’s especially true of said visionaries. One afternoon I let my thoughts wander, that’s when it occurred to me that connecting the dots makes a lot of sense. If you take a moment, or better yet a page…list all projects, occupations, basically draft a path you have followed for the last couple of years, let’s say five, you can see a pattern form between one thing to the next. If you have any doubts where you want to go, there should be a clear indication if you have followed your heart for the last couple of years. Actually, you may find the experience you have gained makes you more powerful and influential than you previously thought!

Just this simple realization of tying loose ends has been mind-blowing and it’s helped me charter the next few years in my plans which I will share in good time.

Many thanks for reading this, I’m back to writing more often, as I slowly ease back into blogging and business. I would appreciate a comment below.