Working time

For the past few weeks, actually since the start of the year, i’ve experienced the most turbulent of times in terms of my daily schedule. Really i wish I was Cerberus, or could teleport to Mars and have slightly longer days. I’ve been under massive, gargantuan pressure to code, exercise, plan, reply emails and continue being a human who’s not a joker. Hasn’t exactly worked though, i’ve slacked on my blog postings, accelerated learning Javascript, slowed down on reading, 90% done with my first side project. A mixed bag of results thus far.

Looking back, i’ve realized one of the things I need to start mastering, and i’m not sure how other developers have battled this is the idea of adjusting work time to suit your natural cycle. I tend to be active at night, and working with remote teams sometimes forces one to adjust their natural clock to make collaboration a little bit possible. I think it’s been to my detriment though.

Working a regular nine to five is tough, especially when your creativity juices start flowing just as you’re about to finish the day. I’ve noticed I end up working longer hours as a result. The challenge is to structure the day in a way that normal/business hours make sense but at the same time, you keep productivity high towards the twilight hours of each day.

In the next few weeks, i’m making a conscious effort to have my productive time at night, will be interesting to see if this works and what i end up doing during normal business hours!