I changed jobs, again!

Last year was a busy and also difficult year for most people. I hadn’t realized how hard it hit me until someone pointed out that I had written just one blog post the whole year! Of couse with Covid and major shifts in how people could socialize and work together, everything was so unpredictable. The one thing that I was still very happy about though, was the work I was doing over at JaSure. Since the beginning, we had been a remote company so we didn’t suffer in terms of culture when work moved to Zoom and people’s homes. Actually, I have worked remotely for close to 5/6 years now so it’s fair to say remote is ALL I know at this point.

During the course of the first half of the year, I didn’t know I was lowkey wishing to do something different. I think there are some things that gnaw you at the back of your mind but you never really pay attention to them until something literally “snaps”. In this case, it was a simple ad about a job at a company with “customer” in its name. I know right, weird. Now I know to some people that’s standard naming but for me it was a pretty huge deal to come across a company that by nature should pay attention to the end user. I have always thought of myself as someone who enjoys tracking the success of whatever change I make to a product, be it a change in color, copy or functionality, and even though I was enjoying every bit of work at JaSure, I also missed measuring closely the impact of my contributions and having a closer loop with customers/users of products I was contributing to.

So after coming across an ad for a frontend engineer position at customer.io I decided to give it a go without much thought. I hadn’t applied to any job for over 3/4 years, so I quickly whipped up a cover letter that sounded pretty informal but authentic. I decided what I wanted to communicate was the truest status of what I knew and the direction I wanted to take. The interview process itself was pretty gruesome lol, but very enjoyable! In a little over a month, I got a job offer at a pretty great company, to work alongside some amazing talent and I think the process itself is worth a blog post of its own.

With that said, it wasn’t easy to leave JaSure, it’s a great product that I worked on for over 2 years, went through different funding series and contributed to the lovely team culture we had going. So many lessons were learnt, after all I worked closely with a good friend of mine the whole stint, but like many things in life, they sometimes come to an end. I am absolutely enjoying my time at customer.io where I am using EmberJS (coming from a heavy React / VueJS background) and contributing to a product that’s used by many millions of people. I plan to share my journey in the next couple of blog posts so if you have any suggestions of topics I should cover, feel free to hit me up anywhere anytime. Thank you for reading :)